i carry my iPhone **

**with apologies to e.e.cummings

i carry my iPhone with me
(i carry it in my pocket)
i am never without my camera
(anywhere i go my camera’s my iPhone;
and whenever I’m lost
my GPS and compass are you,my iPhone)

i fear no texts
(for you are my connection, my tether)
i want no computer
(for the internet can be logged onto, with you)
and it’s you that is whatever a radio had always been
and whatever a palm-sized television studio can be

here is the simplest secret everybody knows
(here is the cell of my cell and the ear-bud of my hands-free
and the matter of all that really doesn’t matter of this app called life;
which delves as low as a soul can go or minutia a mind can hold)
and this is a wonder how we functioned without you!

i carry my iPhone.
(i carry it in my pocket)

© Coyright Walter J Wojtanik – 2014


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