Our passions define us. The things that move our souls and puts us in sync with the universe lives within. Music can be the ultimate expression of my heart. But my lyrics give my songs a voice; this melodic poetry of my life. I am driven by the rhymes and rhythms that are the underlying score of my existence. This site will highlight my original poetry and short fiction, as well as my music and artwork; the stirrings of my soul that have been long hidden. My observations through the eyes of a poet’s heart.

In developing my style and temperament of my poetry, I am not so stodgy to think I’m out here on my own. I will be collaborating with other creative and talented people who inspire me and support my efforts. It is easy to believe in myself when these individuals show me the way.

Marie Elena Good, my “partner in rhyme” has worked along side of me since we both joined the 2009 Writer’s Digest.com/Poetic Asides Poem-a-day Challenge. Three years running, and she’s not even winded!

Brian A. Winkler, has recently agreed to help me with my second collection based on my “I Am Santa Claus” series. Brian is an accomplished young artist and graphic designer. I have every confidence that his illustrations will greatly enhance the poetry proffered in this edition.

11 thoughts on “ABOUT THE POET’S HEART

  1. Clark Buffington

    Walt I just wanted to say thank you for the support at poetic aside during this month of poem a day. I had a good time writing and reading poems for pretty much the first time. I’m going to get some books on poetic forms and see if I can keep improving. Thanks again for the kind words and the poems you posted.

    1. That’s a good thing Clark. I do have a file of approximately 330+ poetic forms. If it will help you send me an e-mail to wojisme2@yahoo.com and I’ll send it to you. As I find new forms, I add them, but you’ll have a good look at a lot of forms and example. A lot of Robert’s forms are included. Also, check my alternate blog poeticbloomings.com I feature a different form each Wednesday with Sunday prompts and Flash Fiction on Friday. Either way, keep writing and reading… you’re on the right track.

  2. The success of the poem to me comes from your choice of words and yes, simplicity.
    Shadows and an aching heart – it is an every day love taken to the limit, from a smile
    to one’s own last breath. Very nice!

  3. Appreciate your interest but the icon site is about to shut down.
    You’ll have better luck with the site where you’ll find I post the Twiglets:
    where Natural Curtains? was posted.

    Used to be you could switch easy between sites. Now not so much.
    I’m sure I have you bookmarked somewhere – If I can’t find you – I’ll do it again πŸ™‚
    Nice to see you at Twiglets – are you also doing Imprompt/ Mz Quickly?

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