In the shadows they lurk,
eyes illuminated by an inner light,
the fright of their visage is surreal.
You feel uneasy, your breath
wheezy and shallow. Saliva dripping,
heart skipping a beat, your feet
are leaded as if imbedded in
the hard clay ground. A sound
high pitched and squealy,
really annoying. Steam rises
and their size increases,
V-shaped creases forming
mouth-like openings.
Hoping the flashing lights
are an emergency vehicle.
You just had an accident.
Turning slowly, you are a lowly
human life-form with opposable
thumbs. Hairy and scary,
not clean and green; not like
the hidden creatures seen
with the odd features who have landed
They are terribly sorry. They took
a wrong turn at Alpha-Centauri!

(C) Copyright Walter J Wojtanik – 2014


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