“You spin me right round, baby
right round like a record, baby
Right round round round” ~Dead or Alive

Stacks of wax and platters” are making a comeback,
grooves and tracks on vinyl in revival. Their survival is surprising.
Comprising decades of development, their relevance is “new”.
Milk crates in storage, collecting dust and warped,
turning that page to today. Cracks and crackles are cool,
old school. Turntables modified; USB port computerized,
transferred favorites are digitized. A complete 180 turn around.
No tapes, no discs, no mp3s. You spin me round,
Like a record Baby! Right round round round.

© Coyright Walter J Wojtanik – 2014


2 thoughts on “TURN ABOUT IS FAIR PLAY

  1. So much fun, Walt, to see this rediscovery. Last week my granddaughter pulled an older children’s book off the library shelf and found a small vinyl LP in the paper pocket back cover. With the greatest excitement she pulled it out and said, “Look Poppi! A CD!”

  2. That’s cute, Damon. My daughters (29 and 20) are aware of mp3 and cd. They know 33 albums and 45’s. They grew up with my cassettes and 8-tracks. They saw Star Wars for the first time on Betamax. I still have all the machines and have kept them in working order… I’ve been a slave to technology. 😉

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