Darkness surrounds and the sound of night
frightened early man. He began scratching
his Cro-Magnon noggin, trying to find a way
for the bright light of day to fill his nights
and keep his cave dwelling less cellar-like.
Mrs. Magnon and the little Magnettes held
his fears and the missus hears grunts about
this new method of preparing Stegosaurus.
They called it “cooking”. The Cro-Mags
were looking for a proper way to do this.
He thought and thought (he had bought
into the idea) scratching his Cro-Magnon
head with his club. The harder he rubbed
the “warmer” his thoughts became. It was then
his “light bulb” moment came. Actually,
he had started his hair ablaze. He yelled
to his neighbor, Grog to get his attention.
“FYAHHHRRRRRR!” came the refrain.
“FIRE?” Grog repeated as he held
his Stego-Steak above Cro-Mag’s
hot head. Mrs. Grog invariably asked her mate.
“How you like steak?
“Well Done” replied her partner.
Cro-Magnon and Grog perfected the process
replacing dried grass for hair.
The discovery of fire made this “cooking” thing
possible. (And it allowed Cro-Magnon and Grog
to open a chain of Filet Magnon Steak Houses
throughout the un-civilized world.)


© Copyright Walter J Wojtanik – 2014