Days must end, as all days do.
Amidst the shadowy shroud of darkness,
hearts plunder under the guise of love.
I have lived, eventually as I had pleased,
eased into the comfort of words and thoughts
wrought with emotion. Every notion of giving
up the ghost gets lost in a pyre of sacrificed
ideas. I pray when death calls he comes softly
like an old friend and ne’er as a raucous thief
in the lonely night. I wish it to find his peace
in the peace he offers. A tender hand to guide
on journeys yet imagined; be not sad.
I have lived. I have loved. I have given all
that has been required long before I will
have expired. And when my new adventure begins,
I will harbor no fear. It is here where my voice
will speak of many wondrous things
to those who choose to listen.
Into the glistening sun I will walk seeing
finally all that I had believed. No harm will come
when I am done, for I have lived.

(C) Copyright Walter J Wojtanik – 2014




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