Not a leg to stand on.


Process notes: An unfamiliar battle with sciatica has me limping  badly and pimping muscle relaxers to offer little comfort. A new malady that sadly brings the realization that my left leg is definitely “not a leg to stand on”.

SIX WORD SATURDAY – 23 March 2013

8 thoughts on “SIX WORD SATURDAY – 23 MARCH 2013

    1. And mine to him, Linda. I can wholly empathize with him.

      And thank you De. Unfortunately, the surgery has been postponed (it was an unrelated condition) until my leg stabilizes. I need the medication, but with it thinning my blood, they feel it would jeopardize my surgery.

  1. Of late I have been saying that my body has too many parts. Just when I get one nearly in working condition another revolts. I am truly sorry and hope your suregery can be re-scheduled soon.

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