Sibling melons conjoined,
staring out at McWindows,
unclear sneers overturned
raucous and guffawed
linx shared; compared
and tacked. Interested
in bridled things and
veiled treats. Repleated,
laced and retooled.
An honor made for one
less aged. Hustled
and bustled for the train.
Walking the long white,
I’ll be sidled in stride
giving a hand to the man,
not losing a falling star,
but gathering in a rising son.

© Copyright Walter J Wojtanik -2013

3 thoughts on “WILL YOU TAKE THIS, MAN?

  1. Debi

    Congrats. Your last two lines bode well. I birthed three babies but have six wonderful children.
    Your poem is funny and sweet.

  2. Fantastic word play. Our children’s weddings give rise to many interesting thoughts. And you really brought it all together in this piece.

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