A beauty, in her heart and mind,
fully grown, soon to be married.
A loving daughter, smart and kind
living out the dreams she’s carried.

Down the aisle I will take her,
Daddy’s love will not forsake her,
on that day will I give her hand,
and be the second lucky man!

© Copyright – Walter J Wojtanik


Here in pain I sit, sedated,
with no relief for me in sight.
Words of mine, once celebrated
are now dismissed as less than bright.

I sow my seed in other fields
to see the interest these words yield.
An empty soul, who really cares
about the heart that these words bare?

© Copyright Walter J Wojtanik

BELLA MIA (Second Version)

I see you in the morning mist, a vision;
my tired eyes welcome it. And your gown flows
in a gentle cascade, my only mission
is to take you up into my arms and show
you all that my love can teach you; a lesson
your mind will learn, but your heart already knows.
In close silhouette, your beauty is revealed.
My longing for you cannot be concealed.

© Copyright Walter J Wojtanik 


What that simple hello began,
this tender caress continues.
Hues of blushed skin and
heavy bursts of exhalation
exacerbates our situation.
Were you chilled to the bone
your reaction would be similar.
But the warmth of this touch
ignites the fire within
and still these fingers linger.

© Copyright Walter J. Wojtanik – 2013

Photo by Kim Nelson

Written for Poets United – Verse First ~ Reaction