“Love is a friendship set to music.” ~E. Joseph Cossman

The violins strain, draining every last bit
of emotion that breathes within it.
Lifting, lilting, filling the Grand Hall with all
its virtuoso requires. It inspires
a crescendo of strings to bring
full passion into focus. A chorus
of woodwinds and reeds feeds its longing
belonging to the hearts who hold
the embers of true friendship aloft hoping
the open air will fan their smoldering sparks
into the flames of desire. The fires of love are
slow burning; self-sustaining. Non-consuming,
blooming into a conflagration, a symphony
composed in the promise of hearts; two single notes
that resonate to join in harmony – one accord. Stirring
in the fanfare of brass and appointed by tympani.
These flourishes become the soundtrack,
a friendship scored; composed in love!


Against the muted sky
shades of gray fill my eye and show
all that I need to know.
The lesson makes me grow surer
that all I ask from her
are thoughts that are as pure as she,
and all she asks from me
is the wisdom to see her soul.
Oh, Learned One, control
every step towards the goal I seek,
for I am truly meek,
and I pray for this weak moment
to show me I am bent
on becoming the gent whose heart,
although miles apart,
can offer just the start it needs.
It has planted the seeds
that will grow through the weeds and fly
against the muted sky.

© Walt Wojtanik 2012