I am an enigma; a legend,
insistent that the season becomes
the most important thing.
It is for the children that I work,
and it seemed that they came
to appreciate this generosity,
which was rather rare.
Up in my spacious
hamlet I plan, amidst the hustle
and bustle (and time to rustle a sugar cookie
or two) with my diminutive minions
to charge through more rapid than eagles.
Rather happy, rarely sappy, I continue to hurl
myself  into this chore clenched fist and more
until I think I will burst.
And when I laugh my belly shakes,
a right jolly old spasm! Bridging the chasm
of disbelief, for a dedicated cause.
There is no mystery here. I am Santa Claus.

© Walter J Wojtanik

dVerse – Meeting The Bar: I am, The First Person Narrative



Looks like my “I AM SANTA CLAUS” project is gaining steam toward completion. The concept of this collection of poetry is a book of poems written from the perspective of Santa Claus (or a “Santa Claus” persona). Each piece contains the line “I am Santa Claus” (usually as the last line of the poem.)

The “tag” line for “I Am Santa Claus” is “We are ALL Santa Claus”. That’s where you, my poetic friends come in. I hope to include a chapter entitled, “We Are ALL Santa Claus!” with poems written by my cohorts. I will also hopefully choose up to fifteen poems for this section. If you are so inclined to contribute to this long awaited effort, send your poems with the subject line “We Are Santa Claus”  to:

Claus.Krangle@ yahoo.com

Be sure to include the “I Am Santa Claus” line in your poem. It could be from your perspective, someone you’ve seen do positive things for others or of course from the eyes of Santa Claus. I will select my favorite poems (up to 15). You will retain the rights to your poems. If selected, you will be asked to provide a brief Bio for this project. Your submission will give me permission to consider your work happily. And remember, “We are ALL Santa Claus!”


OK, so after months of riding the fence and thinking “Do I really want to embark on ANOTHER blog?” I concluded – Why Not? 

Link to Words As Music

WORDS AS MUSIC is a blog specifically for aspiring lyricists needing some tips, nudges, prompts, lessons or just encouragement to continue their craft. I will try to post a “prompt” on Monday. Every OTHER Thursday we will highlight a different musical wordsmith and their music. Lessons will be smattered around whenever the urge takes me there, but I will try to do at least one every ten days. Exercises and assignments will be featured, and there will be a Glossary highlighting the musical terms we use throughout. A different sort of place. Maybe it will work, maybe not. But I’m taking a shot!



“I AM SANTA CLAUS” is not a dead issue. On the contrary, I’m getting ambitious and have recruited (without them knowing) Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides April P.A.D. prompts  AND those from MIZ QUICKLY’S IMPROMPTU blog to write poems for the book based on these ingenious nudges. I refrained from submitting them to either site, I just felt it would be interesting to complete the series from another batch of fine encouragements.

So, I’ll be a busy little wordy for a while, but don’t worry. I’ll keep you posted on my progress! 



They’ve started already, A steady stream
of sweet visions. My mission is easier
when these dreams begin. We are in
full swing bringing these dreams to fruition.
Rubber balls and baby dolls; games and toys
galore. And the little folk dig in, no joke
to please the girls and boys. Me and the Missus
are filled with bliss for this is what makes us shine.
I fly all night and she’s all right and fine because
I return to her every time. All year I’ve waited
my breath is bated and the work takes on
new meaning. All the planning and scheming
boils down to that one night. What a flight
that will be. Those that could be better than good
are giving a final push. Making my job
a work in flux as lists of names are finalized.
The reminder to be good for goodness sake
Is one that should not be taken lightly,
For this sprightly elf has gotten himself
into groove. It’s time to move to fulfill
the sweetest dreams. It seems we go through this
every year, but that’s why I’m here. I work
to the sound of reindeer pause. That’s my job,
I am Santa Claus!


Poetic Asides November Chapbook Challenge – Day 10 – Something Sweet


I had the extreme pleasure of being interviewed by Claudette Young on her webspace, CLAUDSY’S BLOG. In it we discuss life, poetry and other journeys into worded wonder. Thanks Claudette for this opportunity.



It is just about finished,
the day for which I work all year,
and the end is near.
Tired and sore,
and what’s more, I have one
last package to deliver.
I shiver at the thought,
and I probably ought to have
given it sooner. My eyes burn
and I yearn to give them rest.
But, the best sight for these sore eyes,
is the surprise on her face
when I place this final package
in her hands. It only stands to reason,
every year during this season,
she waits; the patience of a saint
is hers. This gift is always the last one given.
As long as I’m living, I’ll be giving it.
She wraps her arms around me
and I see the smile it brings.
And my heart sings when Mrs. “C”
unwraps her gift. Me. I am Santa Claus.
My journey is complete. “Honey, Rub my feet?”