He reverts back to where he started,
now a ghost of his former self.
A crack had developed in his resolve,
and solving cryptic word puzzles
never allowed him to free his mind
in the ways he was used to.
His poetic hand was worn and tired
and he had retired from poemic pursuits.
But the new recruits didn’t know enough
to check his myriad of work.
A once “big deal” had gotten sick of lurking
in the shadows; he thought
he ought to get back to expressing
what his heart wrongly guessed was best left unsaid!
It was better to come back from the dead!

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016

Poetic Asides Prompt #368: Six Little Words (ghost, crack, free,
hand, check, know)


Search your heart, feel the hunger within,
survival depends on the means to your end;
the need to extend your hand and touch
another vacant soul for the sole purpose
of conjoining hearts. It starts with hello,
and both go through stages; a game played
with ever-changing rules. A hungry heart
has all the tools to build a relation
in celebration of a wanted love. But boy,
don’t fall for the ploy called “hard to get”.
Set your sights on the target.
Your persistence can soften all resistance.
It’s big game you’re after. The game is love.

© Copyright Walter J. Wojtanik – 2013

From POETIC ASIDES – Day 9 (Hunter/Hunted Poem)