I hear it gently,
and I mentally
take note of the lilting song.
Angel voices sing
the soundtrack of Spring.
Their chorus is loud and strong.

Morning brings their sound,
and it is around
dawn’s first light that I hear it.
A poet’s heart sees
the living beauty
within euphonic spirit.

I begin each day
the exact same way.
I am thankful for this gift.
My whispered prayer
rises through the air;
as their harmonies uplift.


(C) Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016

Presented at dVerse Poets Pub – Meeting The Bar: Alouette



In contemplation, sat she did,
to think of futures yet unknown,
despite the sad farewells she’ll bid,
and “braverisms” that she’s shown.
Her daughters, yes, are fully grown
to carry on her beauty bright,
and so to right the love I’ve shown,
I’ll stand beside her in her fight.

Lament the battered heart and head,
such maladies should not be hers.
I’d take them on myself instead
to suffer all that it incurs.
So as for now if it gets worse
I’ll keep my precious well in sight,
and pray that nothing more occurs,
I’ll stand beside her in her fight.

My sad intent comes at a price
through indiscretions wrought, it seems.
Forgiveness given must suffice,
as life dismantles all our dreams.
Yet through it all, her smile still beams,
a beacon through this dreary night,
emotions flow from both extremes,
I’ll stand beside her in her fight.

My princess, queen – my love so true,
I’ll hold you close with all my might,
and give you all that you are due,
I’ll stand beside you in your fight.

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016


dVerse Poets Pub – OLN #181


She walks along within his heart,
surrender to her name and she declares her victory.
She, a young beauty a distance apart.
wielding the weapons of love. Her artillery:
raven hair, hazel eyes, her smile spells your captivity.

A tug of war in the tug of hearts,
no strings attached, you were matched
by your play of words. Soaring like birds
released, a reprieve of freedom granted,
she walks along within his heart.

She carries him with her as well,
his tender words become her shield,
protected by his expressive heart,
no surrender does she yield. His soul beckons.
Surrender to her name and she declares her victory.

His journey begins and ends
wherever she reside and he hides
in the rushes until she flushes him out.
Without a doubt, he is her target,
she, the young beauty a distance apart.

Hand-to-hand they take their stand,
vying eye-to-eye. Determined and delighted,
he fights for her honor, a prize secured
and her response is swift and accurate.
She wields the weapons of love. Her artillery

is not pervasive, she replaces
animus with amour. It is sure you will be
the prisoner of her heart right from the start.
Her beauty is your proclivity:
raven hair, hazel eyes, her smile / your captivity.

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016


offered at dVerse Poets Pub – OLN#177


“I am cold, even though the heat of early summer is adequate. I am cold because I cannot find my heart.” ~Sebastian Barry from his novel A Long, Long Way

I am cold.
No chill shakes me
or makes me shiver. Once a lover,
a target of Cupid’s quiver.
I cannot find my heart.
I cannot start to say when
or where I had lost its fire,
lost my desire.
Was it the passing of time
that had absconded with it?
Or was it your passing
and this inconsolable pain?
Had I given it away
too much without recompense,
dispensing any claim on unconditional love?
As you look down from above, I wish
that you could give me a shove. I know
my angel watches over me. I see.
It is clear to me that I am cold.
I cannot find my heart.

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016


mortals embrace their foolish ways
midsummer nights in love-sick haze

exchanging hearts and passion’s kiss
offering all for a moment’s bliss.

the course of love ne’er doth run smooth
the journey is hard , such is our truth

be it time of sorrow, or lifetime of glee
Lord, what fools these mortals be!

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016


Feel the arms that reach out,
they are searching for you.
Here when the day is through
and summer nights hold us close.

No distance can separate, no matter
how late into the evening we stand,
one woman, one man and a grand view
of this night for two.

Summer breeze soothing, smoothing,
from over the lake and making shadows
and silhouettes dance in the moonlight.
I feel fine as long as it shines!

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016

POETIC BLOOMINGS “An Entertaining Summer” – Day #1: Summer Breeze


The phoenix rising,
back from the dead.
Lazarus called,
he wants his life back.
Lost in the depths
of a broken spirit,
left in the lurch
with much more to say.
You stand in silence,
wishing for the return
of your sanity, and
your security, and
everything else you’ve lost
or leaves you feeling empty;
dead from the floor up.
The randomness of words
tossed together with ease
and flair, brings your voice
from deep within you and
gives cause to express
every heartfelt pang,
poem and passion,
delivering your work
to an appreciative audience,
offering peace and
confidence to your lifeless
rhyme. Infusing your heart
and soul with the breath
of a million soft sighs,
for the poet has found
his promise and drive.
Once again alive.

(C) Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016


A man loves from the depths of his soul
for he knows that is the right thing to bring.
He guides and protects those in his charge,
he always looms large in their eyes.
A man will comfort cries and illicit sighs
through his tender and heartfelt compassion
and fashion a life meant to be copied; emulated.
A man will do his very best
and fill his chest with the treasures
his family and friends will offer;
making for very full coffers.
A man that is loved is a man that rarely fails.
A man such as he forever prevails.

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016


*** We had been prompted to take a line from another poet and use it as inspiration, the title or a line for your new poem. Using a line from Sara McNulty’s poem, “MOST MEMORABLE”; the line is “A man such as he forever prevails.”

Presented at dVerse Poets Pub – OLN #173


In the night, she calls my name
to warm and comfort her, in the night.
It feels so right as our hearts inflame
in the night. She calls out my name
and I know things will never be the same,
no beacon will ever burn so bright,
in the night, she calls out my name
to warm and comfort her. In the night,
distance comes between us and it’s a shame.
In the night, she calls my name
and yet I will be close by; a player in true love’s game
lifting our hearts to the highest heights.
In the night, she calls my name
to warm and comfort her, in the night.


Poetic Bloomings In-Form Poet with RJ Clarken – Triolet Sonnet