Walk gently on this earthly path,
the call of nature draws.
All things Autumnal presented
in tint and hue. Emblazoned
Equinox offering her heart;
her softening countenance.
Swiftly she moves, enhancing
every chance at her diminishing view.
Partner in life’s enchanted dance.
Weary traveler, walk gently.
Be wrapped in the warmth of her
season for no other reason
than to be your inspiration
for the duration of her passionate
embrace. Before her face turns cold,
take hold of her beauty. It is fleeting.
Sweet Autumn burns with an ember’s glow.
Before she goes, she will have your heart.
Do not hesitate to go with her. Walk gently.


“What doesn’t kill you, will only make you stronger!”

A rear-ender this time,
all for the crime of following
the rules of the road to the letter.
I have felt better, and right now
I ache all over… again!
I ache all over! Head, and shoulders
knees and toes and neck and back
and a pain smack dab in the middle of
the pains I feel from the last accident.
If the Car Crash Hall of Fame
would give me my own wing,
I wouldn’t need to worry
about the ones I’ll earn the day
the next one takes me “home”

***I’m an hour out of the hospital after being hit from behind in an accident. Head, neck, shoulders and back are all affected and sore to painful. Nothing broken, just bruised and banged up. But once again I live to rhyme another day! Thank God!


Venus de Milo
Venus de Milo


Hey Venus,
goddess of love
you are the epitome to me.
I can see your beauty clearly;
your image is dearly cherished.
Baby, you’ve got it!
You are the queen,
be you Shocking Blue,
or in Blue Jeans.
So Venus if you will,
thrill me with a love
who shares your charms.
(But be sure she has two arms?)


Italian Renaissance painting, Portrait of an old man and his grandson, Ghirlandaio,
Italian Renaissance painting, Portrait of an old man and his grandson, Ghirlandaio,


Teach me aged one,
show me the ways of life!
I am young and you are
here to guide me in this world.

Times are changing,
yet it is all so new to me.
I depend on you to be.
Teach me aged one.

Soon you will be
too old and I will be
prepared to care for you,
show me the ways of life!

I cherish your gentility.
You have given so much
and I wish to help you now.
I am young and you are

most deserving to be cared
for and celebrated. I am
elated that it was you who was
here to guide me in this world.


Hidden in forbidden slumber
under the slew of snow and ice.
Merely weeks away the day that Spring
appears we’ll cheer and revel
in celebration, joy will be unbridled
when it decides to come. One-by-one
the days pass, slow not fast
and each in question. Any mention
of flurries and freezing leaves me
cold. I’m getting to old for this.
These are the waitings in which
we’ve been partaking. There’s no
mistaking, Spring is taking
it’s sweet old time!

© Walter J. Wojtanik, 2015

Phoenix Rising Poetry Guild – The Reason For Rhyme: Different Strokes; Different Folks


Her kisses peck gently,
nipping and sipping sweetly.
Smacking of honey and dripping
with the love of lost years.
Tears left streaming, teeming
down rosy cheeks, streaks
of mascara marking. Sparks
in lightning striking, stars aligning,
hearts beating, thumps and
bumps, booms and bumps
rhythmically tapping and rapping;
her chest against mine. I find
her wave save me at every roll.
Taking her toll, crash into me!

(C) Walter J. Wojtanik, 2015

Phoenix Rising Poetry Guild – February: The Sound of Love – Onomatopoeia and Alliteration


Caught in the cross hairs of fate,
in the eye of the storm we live on.

Winds destroy and water washes,
in the eye of the storm we live on.

Danger in the swell of torrents,
in the eye of the storm we live. On

the gasp of collective breaths held,
in the eye of the storm we live on.

Semantics makes it no less severe
in the eye of the storm. We live on!

Copyright © – Walter J. Wojtanik 2012


On the edge of reason, we watched and waited.
We hated being helpless, and I guess
we hated being the target of hate.
Many were functioning as they normally had,
but then every man, woman, mom and dad
had much to explain to minds that could not
comprehend. It had sent a strong message,
that we should be ever-vigilant and can’t
let down our guard. It is hard to preach trust
when the thrust of such extreme proportion
penetrates our collective spirit. They thought
they’d split it in two. It is true that we fight
amongst each other, like any “sister” and “brother”
but let another interfere and we’ll be here united
to fight it tooth and nail. We had stumbled, but did not fail.
May God continue to Bless America!

© – Walter J. Wojtanik – 2012


The sun had arisen, a beacon offering illumination;giving shadows and then taking them away. A day like any other. Mothers preparing the children for school, before they head to work. Fathers making their commute to execute the completion of another day of living the American dream. It seemed a perfect day to stay that course. Of course, dreams can morph into nightmares that destroy, and every man, woman, girl and boy still strive to awaken from the promise so taken; shaken to our core and what’s more, feeling confused and abused, hated and welling with the same. But, not for long. The strong urge to strike was replaced by the urgent need to care and rescue; to eschew the lowly who strike like thieves in the night. The fight continues to remember the fallen, those called to serve and protect from this sect of humanity bathed in the blood of insanity.

The phoenix rises.
From the ash and dust it flies
upon eagles wings.


© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2012