Evening descends like a hushed silence,
and tranquility is its marker.
Her song is a lilting lullaby
in the shadows of the night.
There’s no threat of violence
as the midnight sky grows much darker.
The constellations fill the sky
contradicting darkness, bringing light.

© Walter J Wojtanik -2019

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Poetic Asides: Cyhydedd Naw Ban (Welsh Poetry Form)


dVerse Poets Pub: Quadrille – …and the most beautiful words are…  


A variation of the form written as a companion piece to “Comes the Morning”



For years he’s waited, half sedated
by the memory of her face.
There is an empty space
where she once sat. It is that
place that he preserves.
Lost in the promise of a return,
it’s been a while since
her smile had blessed him.
It tests him and his resolve.
She has been gone for years
and his tears force him to sit
and wait, to contemplate his loss.
The personal cross he bears.
He sits on their bench and stares
into the night hoping
to catch sight of her smile.
He waits. He knows he will join her soon.

© Walter J Wojtanik – 2019

For Red Wolf Prompts #424: Ekphrastic Poetry – Night


I walk along the shoreline. Evening has lowered her veil showing her sumptuous soft features laced by her endearing charms. Darkness sweeps the horizon as if her arms had become heavy and fall slowly to her side. I slide my hand into hers when she would allow it and we steal soft whispers and the most delicious tender kisses, a bliss unknown to us so far. And as the stars find their spaces,
our faces are graced by a glow so bright it can be seen for miles and miles of smiles of a summer night!

waves washing away
the harshness of  summer days
as the night smiles

© Walter J. Wojtanik

dVerse Poets Pub – Haibun #40: Summer


Main Street Buffalo, NY

“The theater, the theater,
whatever happened to the theater?”
~Danny Kaye from “Choreography” in White Christmas

Dear Olaf,

They’ve torn up Main Street to put in the rail;
The subway is progress, I suppose, but only
if it ends up going somewhere.
There once was activity before,
and people drove downtown in droves –
to shop, do lunch, work and get around to the theater.
It’s all but a memory now, abandoned.
But it was happening then!
Wish I were there!

My Kind Regards,

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016

**The postcard depicts the heyday of the downtown Buffalo Theater District. The “BUFFALO” sign marks what is now the Shea’s Performing Art Center, an exceptional throwback to those days, still the anchor of a hopeful resurgence. They’re bringing traffic back to Main Street.