This is the day the Lord has made,
and in it, He has given a voice to our wondering,
and a choice to find happiness or wander
aimlessly and without much purpose.

But, this moment… this right now
is meant to be cherished and embraced
a happy place where love lives without
barriers. The scarier scenario places us

into spaces we think are beyond our scope.
But against all hope we know that we are given
all than we can handle… He gives us the
candle to light our way, today and everyday.

No moment is greater that the one we’re in.
It would be a sin to waste it on past indiscretions.
Through the intercession of Love we find our happiness.
Let us rejoice and be glad in it!

dVerse Tuesday Poetics – 8th Anniversary


She stands
heart full of fire.
Consumed by her soul’s desire,
for she knows steps she has taken
could be so mistaken.

She walks.
Passions inflamed.
She wants his muse to notice.
Sharing the desire to dance
if they just took the chance.

She basks
in the sun’s warmth.
She stops, feeling its embrace
like his arms over the miles.
She stands there and smiles.

She knows
passions can burn.
She wants to feel all she can,
no promise or demand, just heat;
an all-consuming love.

She sighs.
She wants this more
than anything else she knows.
He continues to grow on her,
touching every moment.

She steps,
moving closer;
feeling alive with passion,
his words entice her to want more;
lead her to their dance floor.

She feels
alive and well
desired. Fired by him
who writes love as he writes his heart,
letting the journey start.

© Walter J Wojtanik – 2016

POETIC ASIDES – Wednesday Prompt #348:”When Everything Stops”


This is the place that reminds me
of your face and you, and it’s through
these thoughts that we are brought together.
The weather is all ways pleasant,
a present from He who made us;
gave us these moments to savor.
The scene is serene, pastoral and visual
with residual choral phrasing that plays
in our minds. It is not hard to find me,
I will be by the tree over the bench,
a private seat replete with shade for cover
where lovers can express the rest of the night
away. By the lake we ponder, wondering to
where these rendezvous lead. And you,
a beauty my eyes have beheld well on onto morning,
as the dawning commences and the alarm coaxes
every last grain of sleep from your sight,
I will meet you again tonight in our meadow by the lake.

© Walter J. Wojtanik 2013

WE WRITE POEMS – Meeting Places Prompt # 178


"Gas" by Edward Hopper
“Gas” by Edward Hopper

No one’s been by for years
and one of his biggest fears
was that he would die out here
alone, and no one would know.
The point of no return
sits a mile down the road
and the occasional lost traveler
would goad his excitement,
but leave him in a cloud of dust.
He must close down the station
and rejoin civilization.
His routine never changes.
He dusts off the pumps
encrusted with years of isolation
and failure. The readings are recorded
in a never ending string of naught.
A rumble in the distance arouses,
leaving him shaking in his trousers
only to be disappointed again.
The pumps stand sentinel,
grave markers for a dying breed.
He needs human contact
but all he attracts is dirt.
Lost in the outskirts.

© Copyright Walter J. Wojtanik – 2013

Response to MIZ QUICKLY’S IMPROMPTU POETRY – Day 10 (Alone, or at a Party) Ekphrastic Poem


It couldn’t get any better
if I let her do it herself.
Life is swimming with my feet
just skimming the surface.
The smile on her face soothes
and her beauty exudes from inside
to out, that carries a lot of clout.
The daughters are grown, and with one
having flown the coop, the best
empty nest scenario seems less scary.
Oh I worry about the future, but I’m sure
things will work out fine. If I’m lyin’ I’m
going to lay down before I kick it.
I know I can lick it.
My health is slowly improving and
as long as I keep moving, everything
else is gravy. And that’s always a plus.

© Copyright Walter J. Wojtanik – 2013

Inspired by POETIC ASIDES Day 5 prompt – a “Plus” poem


Sadness, like a great weight
draws downward and your fate, although
not sealed, feels so.
And when you fall so low, nothing
can make your sad heart sing;
there’s no gladness to bring you hope,
only that downward slope.
No ambition; you mope around
clutching to this profound
sensation which confounds your mind
and it is then you find
just one way to unwind. You sleep.
The only way to keep
from going off the deep end, friend.
It’s in the very end
Your brain chooses to send a test.
Accept and do your best,
Or resign to deep rest, depressed.


Against the muted sky
shades of gray fill my eye and show
all that I need to know.
The lesson makes me grow surer
that all I ask from her
are thoughts that are as pure as she,
and all she asks from me
is the wisdom to see her soul.
Oh, Learned One, control
every step towards the goal I seek,
for I am truly meek,
and I pray for this weak moment
to show me I am bent
on becoming the gent whose heart,
although miles apart,
can offer just the start it needs.
It has planted the seeds
that will grow through the weeds and fly
against the muted sky.

© Walt Wojtanik 2012