In the misty shadows, she walks
a specter, a flash of paint in
an obscure painting,
A beauty in memory,
or an imagined smile.
A man could surely fall
for the mystic miss,
a kiss in waiting and fading
fast. Every last encounter
with her could be just that.
Alluring and luring you
to the wind-torn seas,
breezes to gusts and
a bluster of rapid heartbeats,
precious and scary to think
she keeps you on the brink
of your demise. You’d be wise
to walk away and yet you stay.
Love trapped within her portrait,
and Jennie’s been dead for years!

© Walter J Wojtanik, 2019

Movie: “A Portrait of Jennie” – Joseph Cotten and Jennifer Jones

Red Wolf Prompts – Prompt #426: Borrowed Poetry


Optimism is the norm
a shelter safe from any storm,
the cold war never battled here,
but we prepared until all clear.

From daybreak to the setting sun,
it’s safe in nineteen fifty-one.
The sky is such a lovely gray,
it looks like just the perfect day.

The stores and shops are colored pewter,
and my girl Lil, can’t get no cuter,
in her black and gray attire,
that girl sure sets my heart on fire.

Her eyes the purest shade of slate,
it makes me long for our next date
In the back of Dad’s black DeSoto,
until she demures and tells me NO!

Clouds are fluffy, billowed buff,
to attain the color is not tough.
This black and white world is a thrill,
it’s such a great life in Pleasantville!

(C) Walter J Wojtanik, 2014




He watched the sunset on the horizon
hoping that she might be caught
in that same moment where night
and the remnants of day melt
into hues of muted grays and orange.
The crash of waves mimics the exhalation
of her rapidly beating heart, gasps
of passion rushing and falling;
calling him to resuscitate her.
Nightfall continued and darkness
was the shroud that hid them
upon this shore many times lost,
in the heated rhythm of their lovemaking
taking every last breath from the depths
of the conjoined souls. Every last star
beckoned him and the moon
cast shadows on the memory of her
flesh beneath his own. And he felt her;
she permeated his very being, seeing nothing
but her eyes as beacons in the night.
He reaches to touch her in ways
she had always longed. Her presence
was all this night lacked. Fade to black.

© Copyright Walter J. Wojtanik – 2013

NaPoWriMo 2013 – Day 9 – Noir for the Ninth


Project Technology” was intended to merge

people in unity; to sing the mantra of life.

Inquisitive minds always have the urge to question

this stellar commitment of delicious harmony.

We tolerate those who would leave the smudge of indifference,

but we activate our inherent need to make a difference.

© Copyright Walter J. Wojtanik – 2013


THE SUNDAY WHIRL – Wordle #103


Photo from http://www.shorpy.com/

“Paper, Sir?” the young man asked
the stodgy old curmudgeon,
the kind of guy with a whiskey flask,
the creepy aged fart wasn’t budgin’

“What kind of scam are you running, boy?”
the elderly gentleman wondered.
“Why, what do you mean, Sir?” the boy was coy,
for the man made a serious blunder.

“These papers you see, are the news of the day!”
the lad took the time to detail,
but the nattily dressed thought him a pest
and wanted the young boy to fail.

The headline emblazoned read, “Man on the Moon!”
and the photo depicted the same.
“I must find me a constable, boy you’re a loon!”
he called out but no officer came.

“Lies, lies, lies!” the man was heard to mumble.
“What fantastic falsehoods you’re selling!”
He reached for the papers and started to fumble
to see all the tales they were telling.

“Stock Market Crash? World War II?
Such fantasies? News of the Day?
Stalin’s Mustache? The Avian Flu?
I won’t buy this balderdash!” and the man walked away.

Young Master Buffet re-assembled his papers
and inwardly chuckled because
his “news of the day” told of future such capers,
but he never said WHICH day it was!

All of his headlines were set to occur
it was only a matter of when,
but the pages on the bottom pleased him for sure
“Warren Buffet: One of the World’s Richest Men!”

He started out small, he could envision this scene,
making more green than the world’s ever seen!

© Copyright Walter J. Wojtanik – 2013