Longer than lifetime, you’ve lived in my soul,
here deep inside me I’m blessed by your charms,
with you in my arms, I’m feeling alive
and when you hold me, I lose all control.

And when I see you, you open my eyes.
Being around you fills me with desire.
I’m caught in the fire that burns in your heart,
and through your eyes I can see to your soul.

But when I open my eyes
and see how things could be, how they used to be again.
I feel you open up your heart
making a brand new start, we’ll never part again.
open my eyes and make me see.

Closer to heaven, my angel and I,
that’s how it feels with you in my heart.
Right from the start, you’ve taken me in
and when you’re near me, we’re sharing our love.

Even if my eyes were blind,
I know I’ll wake to find
some little thing that reminds me of you.
Seeing you in my heart
where you remain a part of me,
I can see.

And when I see you, you open my eyes,
when I hear you, you’re just like a song,
your music and words are the sweetest I’ve heard
and when I sing you, you fill me with love.

But, when I open my eyes
and wipe the sleep away, to a bright new day with you.
It really comes as no surprise
that even when you’re not here, you’re always near to me,
please open my eyes and make me see…you.

And so when I kiss you, I open my eyes.
I don’t want to miss that look on your face,
I’m lost in your heart, and I’m deep in your soul
and when you love me, you open my eyes,
and when you Kiss me, you open my eyes.


© Copyright Walter J. Wojtanik – 2013

The audio for the song.

Written for NaPoWriMo 2013 – Day 25 – Ballad (Lyrical Poem)

Offered at dVerse Poets Pub – Tuesday Poetics: TheMusic In You