Beverly Dyer's original painting "Cardinal."
Beverly Dyer’s original painting “Cardinal.”

You’re on my branch.
You had the chance to land
here where I stand.
The view is sweet,
tweet, tweet. Tweet, tweet!
We seem to be a diverse lot,
I see across the open plot
of land where groups of us
are segregated. There’s sparrows
underneath the tree,
and robins in the clearing,
some cardinals held aloft,
softly singing their song,
that is the sound we’re hearing.
The talk of hawks does circulate
as they circle high above,
we need to keep the small ones safe,
it’s the tasty ones they love.
There goes “Johnny one note”, his chirp
is so annoying. It is invasive to this place;
and the peace we’ve been enjoying.
The sun, it warms before the storm,
but  we’ll soon be moving on
as seasons change. And one by one
they’ll take to wing, some will remain
to bask and sing, and I will sit
a wee bit more here on my branch –
a chance to just exist; to be.
To see the world from high in this tree.


(C) Walter J Wojtanik

dVerse Poets Pub – Poetics: Art as Inspiration ~ Introducing Beverly Dyer


Buffalo’s New York Central Terminal still stands as a reminder of bygone days.

The end of the line.
Or the beginning. Bringing point A
to point B and all parts South.
From an era where the rails rarely failed
and Iron Horses sailed on wings of diesel.
And steam. It was a dream of mine
to have seen those bygone days,
in which architecture was considered art and
tile, leather and chrome found a home for it.
Built up when bottoms were about to fall out,
a bout of depression to serve as a lesson
and trains were the only way to go.
My favorite art deco stands as a remembrance
and offers a chance to recapture that feeling.
Stealing dreams in the high polished gleam of the time.
But, is the end of the line always

(C) Walter J Wojtanik



A cross the field, ‘neath azure skies,
B eyond the mountains, beyond the seas.
C learly, one can see the signs
D iscovered in the beauty of a Summer’s day.
E verwhere the view proclaims
F orever lives in always dreams,
G iving rise to raise your eyes to the
H eavens, (disguised as azure skies).
I f man were meant to fly, he’d hover o’er fields green
J ust to glimpse the beauty exposed.
K eep your hearts open for
L ove to live within,
M indful of the world around you,
N ot only of yourself. For
O nce this beauty captures your spirit
P ursuit of such scenes are repeated, a
Q uest for the masterpieces of life.
R eclaim your place in the world, your
S tation in this fine and expressive work.
T each your children to appreciate its beauty,
U nderstanding that what you give them
V alidates your reason to exist.
W hether you embrace the world, it is your target.
X marks the spot where your heart will begin.
Y ou are always welcome to share your voice,
Z eniths of art beautifully composed await you.

© Copyright Walter J. Wojtanik – 2013