Here he comes again.
Feeling hale and hearty
and looking to party with words again.
They have been his elusive friends
sometimes filling hearts,
other times filling trash bins.
But when the spirit moves him,
he begins again to unlock the block
that plagues his mind. Verbosity 
in velocity becomes his grade,
made in the shade and ready to take
life's oyster and the pearl that comes with it.
So, he's at it again, making his sage words
grace his page, to engage and enrage
those who search for some inspiration.
It becomes his station in life,
to forego his strife and wax poetic,
or just go on with his pathetic rambles.

(C) Walter J Wojtanik, 2022

*Written to Poetic Asides April P.A.D. Day 2 - (Second Chance)