Adrift upon life’s choppy sea,
we have failed this day to score a haul.
And there walking along the shore, He calls,
“Leave your nets and follow me!”
“Follow Me!”

A vagabond? Perhaps some wayward soul
who casts his gaze across the sky?
He points to the right and takes control.
“Lower your nets there” He cries,
“Follow me!”

Our nets are over-flowing, as if He was knowing
where the fish would surely be!
Full, nearly breaking, there was no mistaking His vision.
He offers me this one decision, “Be a fisher of men!”
“Follow Me!”

“Leave your nets and follow Me,
Abandon your purse and come and see
what My Father has in store
and what’s more, live your life as He wants it to be!”
“Follow Me!”

© Walter J Wojtanik - 2021

** This is the first in a 12-part series leading up to and including Easter

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