Quiet. Serene. Soft and gentle
calling to the soul seeking refuge,
solace in the silent sanctuary.
It’s a feeling that rises up, touching
every fiber of your being.

As the sun rises, you are seeing
things in the light of a new day, 
a front window to capture the beauty of a world
left to your own devices, It is nice
that the vision of that first sun, shines through.

You fill your lungs with as much fresh air
as you can inhale and without fail, the scent
of the pines brings a tear for it is here
that the world began. Your heart beats
more true as you stand and listen

to the awakening that began
with the rays of the sun as it raises its hands
to glorify all that it touches. A symphony
of avian arias and woodland creatures
alerting the world they have arisen.

There is a sweetness that exists in nature,
a honeyed palette that quenches your thirst
and satisfies your hunger for each new day.
You savor the flavor of what your window reveals.
You believe this is the most alive that you will feel!

(C) Walter J Wojtanik, 2020

dVerse – Poetics: Looking Out the Window

20 thoughts on “SUNRISE, FRONT WINDOW

  1. The rising sun does indeed “glorify all that it touches.” I also appreciate your line about “avian arias.” This is written with many vivid descriptions and precise word choice. Nicely done!

  2. I love, love, love this. Nature is inspiring in so many different ways–the easiest escape from our window to view. It’s a fascinating escapism of mind, and the imagery it can provide alone in imagination is endless. You express that facet beautifully here, along with delving in vivid details about your view of the outside. Magnificent piece, I enjoyed reading it very much. ❤

    1. That’s precisely my thinking. They eyes are the windows to the soul. And since this is my view “through the eyes of a poet’s heart”, we get a good glimpse of what we can envision. Thanks memadtwo.

  3. Beverly Crawford

    I think our quarantine has made us all more aware of nature about us, the serenity it offers and the promise of each bright new day. These things we took for granted in our typical busy day world pre-quarantine.

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