I was born the third child on the third day, the third Walter in the line of familial redundancy. Not a junior, not a numeral, and after my father’s funeral, the last Walter standing. No three-star General commanding multitudes of minions. Just a man with a penchant for poetry, be they tercets or haiku, I am true to the test of three.

A third birthday was ushered in by the death of three, rocking my world at an early age. Holly, Valens and Richardson – mother’s sons all, taking the fall in a stormy Iowa sky. I don’t remember if I cried, but the music died all the same. Later the same year we saw the first of three Walter’s perish and a cherished name was diminished by one, survived by two “sons”. Three seems to be my number, lucky or not, but it’s gotten me this far in the line of three.

The trinity guides
and provides me a purpose,
three steps onward

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2020

dVerse Haibun Monday – Birthday 

19 thoughts on “LINE OF THREE

  1. Three is a magic number for you, Walt! And there’s nothing wrong with writing tercets and haiku, I’m all for it. Being the third Walter and the last Walter standing is something to write about too.

    1. Exactly. We are a bit of everyone that has come before. There was a fourth Walter (Wladislaw) who would have been my great-great grandfather back in Poland. So there is a tradition in that as well.

  2. There is something special about the number three. Feels balanced to me. Grieving at a very young age is definitely life changing, even though we are not aware. I was very drawn to this line…”I don’t remember if I cried, but the music died all the same.” I enjoyed the layers of this haibun, from the theme of three to deeper stories of loss that lay deeper within the lines.
    Nice to see you, Walter. 🙂

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