I go to the shore to stand in the place where our passions ignited. It was right here, somewhere near midnight with the bright moon exploding in liquid shrapnel upon the lake. My one mistake was not bringing you here sooner. The lunar luminescence made our hearts dance and visions of lips openly pressed in love’s hunger make me long for your shadow to return. Heartache burns singeing my soul, and offering this fire no fuel, yet it smolders.

The gulls take a turn toward the water, leeching their multitudes away to disturb my peaceful solitude. I’ve viewed their escape many times since you’ve passed. I’ve asked them to take me away with them, to free me as well. But they tell me in their raucous refrain, my footsteps are to remain to leave their stain on this place. I am destined to return as long as I remember your face, this place and our fire.

horizons beckon
calling me to remember
your glow of love


© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2019

Red Wolf Prompts – #423 Ekphrastic Poetry: Seagulls

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