Please don’t look for me. I will not be there.
If my spirit lingers, it’s out of fear
of leaving this place unattended.
My worn and ravaged heart has been mended,
      but the scars are much to much to bear.

In the shadows I stay, lurking here where
I remain covered and concealed there.
My heart torn actions have been defended.
      Please don’t look for me…

You fail to see me, and you do not care
that I had given all I had. But dare
I ask for its return it would end
terribly. You can see nothing, my friend;
there’s blankness in your eyes, that distant stare –
      Please don’t look for me…

© Walter J Wojtanik – 2019

9 thoughts on “INVISIBLE MAN

  1. Your poem leaves me with questions, Walter. Is the speaker dead, a ghost, communicating from the grave? Why are they afraid of leaving the place unattended? What actions have been defended? I think they want to be seen.

  2. some people have such little self worth, maybe form years of being told they are so, yet i feel this person is somehow tied to a place he cannot leave not that he does not want to.

  3. sanaarizvi

    I agree with Kim .. this is incredibly raw and the emotions here haunt the reader and leave behind a million questions unanswered. You rocked the prompt! ❤️

  4. I felt that this person had been deeply hurt–and/or humiliated as Björn said. That wish to remain hidden because of shame and fear. A homeless person, perhaps? But at the same time, I felt that this person did want someone to see him/her–to reach out.

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