I’ve swapped the bottle for a life
more prone to lifting than falling.
It was my calling to change my style,
be less a bear and share love.
And while I smile more, I’m taking
life more seriously. I wrap
myself in the comfort of family
which comes as quite the bargain.
In the end, I live longer knowing
that my weaknesses are showing.
But that’s OK. It just means I’m growing.

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2018

10 thoughts on “CHANGE OF LIFE(STYLE)

  1. I like some of the paradoxes you’ve embraced since your life change, particularly,
    “And while I smile more, I’m taking
life more seriously.” We don’t always take sides but slip down deep in the crack between them for a view of both. Thanks for sharing, Walter.

  2. Well….if this is a true-for-you poem….then a hearty congratulations are in order — one day at a time, enjoying family; lifting rather than falling….smiling with instead of at. Change can affect much more than us…those around us benefit sometimes from a meaningful paradigm shift in our living.

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