Garfunkel drops a chord
and it bandies about until shards
slice the air like a muted whisper.
Old friends like darkness, shroud.
No crowds, no crying out louds,
no opinions voiced or foisted upon us.
I take a scrap for a souvenir,
and use it to inspire my next tirade.
Visions softly weeping in
their vacuumed void seem annoyed.

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2017

Quickly – Dumpster Dive

My “scrap” line used: Silence falls and breaks



  1. There you go, having fun with words again.
    Getting a real kick out of those annoyed visions. Self-obsessed, maudlin adolescents glaring at mom when she comes in with the vacuum cleaner.

  2. I always like the Duo. And the reference song was once my …not mantra, but way of life.
    I like those last two lines. Silence annoyed. Could go off on a tirade just on those words. 🙂

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