A poetic word magician
performing feats of fiction.
amazing micro poetry,
ponderous prose prestidigitation,
pulling rare bits from a hat,
tricks and gags, and all of that.
Alliterative illusions illustrated here,
as I make bawdy limericks disappear.
Literary magic, that’s my deal,
I’ll be here all week, try the veal.

(C) Walter J. Wojtanik

dVerse Poets Pub – Tuesday Poetics: Magic

18 thoughts on “SAY THE MAGIC WORDS

  1. Vandana

    Oh! my , my , now this one who could have thought.An apt dedication to all the poets. So beautiful, thank you for writing this.

  2. Saying the right words does seem like magic–actually saying any words seems magical. Where do they come from? I just accept responsibility for what I don’t censor back into silence.

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