I hear it call
through the morning fog,
a sound that only an angel can make.
It reverberates
throughout the dale
and it never fails to reach my heart.
a whisper
that repeats again and again.
An echo breaking,
your sound of angelic splendor.

(C) Walter J. Wojtanik

dVerse Poets Pub – Quadrille #32: Echo


29 thoughts on “REVERBERATES

  1. A beautiful description of a sound that could evoke many things…for me it would be of bird call…distinct, beautiful, but impossible to transcribe into words.

  2. The word ‘reverberates’ has an echoing bounce to it, Walter, which is reflected in the line lengths and the lines:
    ‘a whisper
    that repeats again and again.
    An echo breaking’.

  3. Glenn Buttkus

    Good on you, Walt–for me this is a metaphor–a love poem to your spouse, who like mine can rise within the spectrum between angelic & demonic–it’s called 30 years of marriage–and you are voting & calling for the positive choice.

    1. Very astute, Sarah. It is soft. It is loud. It is nothing and everything. It is lilting. It reverberates. I believe we all hear something different, something relevant to each of us!

  4. That’s actually quite inspiring. The whispered return from the angelic, reverberating, repeating over and over again. To think He’s always talking and we’re not tuned in to hear that whisper

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