I found my true voice years ago, an accidental discovery due to a poetic heart and musical bent. Beatles, Chicago and ol’ Blue Eyes. I could harmonize to “Love Me Do”, and “Do-Be-Do-Be-Do” like The Chairman. Unfortunately, I could never nail the trumpet trills or trombone slides. On occasion, I would display my vocals while in flight on the Thruway with my rendition of “Come Fly With Me”, or breaking my vocal cords with a Helter-Skelter scream. I always dreamed of being up on stage, but at this stage of life, I’d be happy to just keep on driving. Lead vocals not included!

silence falls and breaks
calls to pierce the solitude
songbirds find their voice

(C) Walter J. Wojtanik

dVerse Poets Pub – Haibun Monday: Tramps Like Us…


  1. Hi Walt! So glad to see you here. I love this. Truly love it. My mother could do Elvis very well because she has a low voice…she did okay with Frank as well. My father just drove in silence, keeping time with his fingers on the steering wheel. I truly enjoyed this.

    1. My Dad did Elvis… in Polish! Funniest thing I ever heard! And his voice was pretty spot on. Thanks for the greeting. I do love it here. Been thinking about getting back behind the tap again!
      But thank you for the compliment, Toni.

    1. Dad was a drummer and I play keyboards, so music plays a large part. I have some original music on the blog here somewhere. My poetics started with the lyrics to my songs at thirteen. Thanks for the visit, Beverly!

  2. I have an iPod Touch, an iPhone 4 (That is used as another iPod) and my current iPhone.
    The touch has every Beatles album on it. The iPhone 4 has most Chicago and Billy Joel Albums. And of course Mr. Sinatra gets the new player!

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