I have too much “stuff”,
it has to go
to the dump…
to the Goodwill…
to the consignment…

Who am I kidding?

I’ve saved for too many
“rainy days”,
“could come in handy somedays”,
“you never know when you’ll need…”

I don’t need it.

And I bought an umbrella.
Actually I bought two.
And a raincoat…

Obsolescence has been saved
and could lead to my grave
if I’m not careful. Pulling out
my hair by the handful.

I know, one man’s junk
can be another man’s junk
if I play my cards right!
I battle the inclination to replace my “stuff”
with more “stuff”; sadly, my junk drawer
is in need of another drawer. It ends up
on the floor or some other flat surfaced “shelf”.

And shelves are everywhere if you can find them.
My mind says “purge, Purge, PURGE!”
But, I fight the urge.

And I have too much “stuff”!

That is my regret!

(C) Walter J. Wojtanik

“Regret” Poem


4 thoughts on “HOARDER’S REGRET

  1. Shawna

    Walt, you goof. These are the funniest line breaks ever:

    “if I’m not careful. Pulling out”

    “I know, one man’s junk
    can be another man’s junk”


    If I ever left my husband, it would probably be because of this very issue. I can’t take it. I don’t hold on like this; in fact, a lot of things I treasure, I have to give away for space (and peace of mind) but first I take a photograph. Pictures take a lot less space that things, papers, etc.

    1. Oh, I’m going the photo route too and for the same reasons. I am weeding away the “stuff” finally. A big empty nest doesn’t need for much, but i wish I would have come to that sooner! And if you read and know anything about me, I am goofy to no end. With everything else going on, I’d go nuts if I were a little skewed! But thanks again. You bring me joy when needed. I appreciate that, and you!

      1. Shawna

        We need a song to commemorate this moment. 🙂

        It’s like when your kids grow up: You wish you could keep their little selves, their little toys, their books. But it all takes up too much room. You have to just photograph the most special things and then let them go. Hopefully it’s all still in your heart(s).

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