We live with our mistakes,
our regrets,
and it get daunting sometimes.
It haunts me sometimes
that a guy that can fix almost anything,
has a hard time fixing broken folks.
Sometimes I’ll make some jokes to hide
the pain that is draining my resolve
as I try to salve the next kerfuffle.
But, I muff it more times than not,
I’ve got these fickle fingers sometimes
and my rhymes are all that saves me.
Sometimes. I try not to show my weakness,
the bleakness of which drives me to think.
I do all I can and pray that is enough.
It has been rough, but we deal with it.
Stealing from it every moment of joy,
trimming the sails in these prevailing winds.
But my greatest of fears is one day not being able
to wipe the harsh trails of her gentle tears.

(C) Walter J. Wojtanik

“Regret” Poem

Offered at dVerse Poets Pub – Open Link Night #195



  1. “salve the next kerfuffle”

    Never know what’s going to catch the eye in a poem. This is a profound… if not statement, motto perhaps. Your poetic voice is on track for what I read. Phrasing like the one above, raises this poem in my estimation muchly, Walt!

  2. What a sensitive, touching poem. I know that often poems do not reflect actual experience/feelings, but you got me hooked. Nicely done, chunk by chunk in a manly way.

  3. Beautiful internal rhyme in this and I love that you used the word ‘kerfuffle’ 🙂 The voice is so strong in this poem that it is a show-stopper!

  4. hypercryptical

    Love your words and understand. I know your closing words too – but the act of ‘being there’ means so much. It is often the most we can do…
    Anna :o]

  5. Just Barry

    I felt this more than I read it. I know this pain that you eloquently put into words here. Harsh trails they leave indeed.

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