Faith lays silent and still,
a gentle prayer, a whisper,
a morning affirmation,
a vesper, a belief meant
as a relief for a troubled soul.

Faith is an internal discussion,
a rumble, a percussion,
an impression upon which
we hang our admission.
“We believe!”

(C) Walter J. Wojtanik

“Faith” Poem

dVerse Poets Pub – Quadrille #31: Still


55 thoughts on “FAITH: SILENT AND STILL

    1. That is the question we all ask ourselves, Jane. Faith doesn’t have to have a religious connotation. Faith in humanity, faith in love, faith in the paths we choose. It doesn’t have to be scary!

      1. No, I see that. It’s not just inhuman religious beliefs, it’s maniacal fervour in support of an insupportable political regime that is also a form of faith. That’s what scares me.

  1. Glenn Buttkus

    I have always been envious of the faithful, who face tragedy bravely. Metaphysics provides me with Zen options & cosmic truths, but still the light in the eyes of the faithful intrigue me.

  2. Nicely penned, Walter. My thoughts on faith are that faith is a comforting inner expression of acceptance of the unknown. “Thy will be done.” Now faith in oneself is a comforting inner expression of “to thine own self be true.” Faith is so multi-faceted.

  3. Great write Walt. Faith lays silent and still. Even in the midst of insanity, faith can still lay quiet and still, unshaken! I sure need that inspiration. Quiet times of prayer help, but so does your verse

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