“Without you –
how vast
the cherry blossom grove”

by Issa

I held you close when you passed from this life. In fact, you passed right through me, entering my soul and taking only that part of me you had cherished as your own. Your void has grown. The cavernous crater left behind reminds me what a loss your passing had become; how the chasm of life is so vast. I cast my toes against the edge, wedged between these jagged rocks of despair. It is there that I feel your absence more than anywhere else.

I shout into this canyon and the echo is vacant and vacuous. You cannot hear me. My voice has become silence in your ears. Your eyes once filled with wonder now rest under the earth. You have left this plain and have opened a gaping fissure; so much of what you filled in me now lies barren. I am left staring into the space that once held you.

lives connected
open hearts to grand vistas
the last kiss of love

(C) Walter J. Wojtanik

“Last” poem



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