“Breathe” she’d say.
“Don’t forget to breathe.
It’s the surest way to know you’re alive!”


Not so famous last words,
but I heard them clearly though
she was nearly gone. “Breathe.”

Just breathe!

We were connected on a cosmic level,
come the devil or high water, the order was clear.
A force of nature, a spirited touch. Breathe.

Now, reach out!

I have visions still, though she is nil,
I see beyond what is gone. The fight goes on.
The sights, the sounds; this vision…

What do you see?

Her beacon continues to shine in this heart
as it had from the start. Bright, searing
nearing solar heat. I am complete in her…


And yet, she has gone. Extinguished,
like an exhausted flame. I call her name but
silence fills me… fills this void with…

The Darkness!

But I remember how we met in between,
we saw the good that came out of all this.
I would be remiss if this were to fade.
We had it made. The Light. The Darkness.

The Balance!

Don’t forget to breathe!

(C) Walter J. Wojtanik

**After hearing the teaser for “Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi”, it sparked a memory. The italicized words are from the film clip. It brought my recollection to the fore!


Offered at dVerse Poets Pub – OLN #194



Long ago it must be
I have a photograph
Preserve your memories
They’re all that’s left you

Simon And Garfunkel – Bookends Theme

A picture.
A photograph kept
beneath the drawer liner
for lack of a finer resting place.
Traces of tears dropped in perpetuity,
pocking the still portrait of you when life
bloomed in your brilliance. A static image left
in constant memory, a reminder that the remainder
of my days will be without your smile, your loving wile.
It lays still as you lay still. It is buried as you have been buried.
Well preserved save for this random pattern of droplets left in your
wake. I take your memory within my heart. And I do miss you. Still.

© Walter J. Wojtanik