Raucous light brings the city to life,
although rife with unseemly characters,
who awaken with the street lamps.
Campy stereotype of urban sprawl,
balls to the wall-to-wall shouts
in fluorescent neon and tarnished chromium.
Some folks are at home in this scene.
“Girls on stage!”
“Girls. Girls, Girls!”
“Live Girls on stage!”
Cocktails and schemes,
dreams of deals by self-proclaimed
Big Deals back on their heels
when the cop cars careen the corner.
Jaywalkers talking to themselves,
important discussions of repercussions
within their vacuous heads. Businessmen
out of their element; “business women”
ensconced in theirs! “Ho” trolling at HoJo’s
getting their mojo where they can.
All it takes is a good man with a plan
and twenty bucks in his pocket!
Rathskellers with fellas finding elixirs
to provide a fix. Guys and chicks,
kings and queens in a scene from
a bad “B” movie. Feeling groovy
and high! Beautiful showgirls
with no frills! Illuminated runway,
They say the neon lights are bright,
on Broadway no one can hear you
scream above the cacophoNY!

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2017

Originally offered for QKJ #11 – Ekphrastic: City Street Corner