The Comet
Photo by M. Cusimano

For obvious reasons, it was called “The Comet”
since riding on her would cause you to vomit.
A high-rolling streak of yellow and green
would make you take notice when it was seen.
A wooden behemoth, one of the last of her kind,
this old roller coaster was my very “first time”.
On the Lake Erie shoreline of Crystal Beach Park
in Ontario, Canada. I rode on a lark.
A field trip from school had provided the occasion
that brought our young group to this Canadian station.
I eyed her from a distance, she held no allure,
she beckoned me softly, that son-of-a-cur.
But I just wasn’t biting, I don’t roller coast,
if I even got on her, I’d surely be toast.
I had that thing beat I was filled with elation,
I was proudly avoiding a bad situation.

Enter the girl. Her name was Terry.
She didn’t think coasters were the least bit scary.
She glanced to the top of this treacherous slide
then looking my way she asked, “Go for a ride?”
My plan had been thwarted, I started to panic,
I’d have much better luck going down on Titanic.
But, machismo kicked in and it said without shrinking
“Sure”, as my brain screamed “What the HELL are you thinking?”
So we stood in the line for the cars to come ’round,
(or we stood in the queue, if you’re true to the “Crown”)
And often she’d smile every time she would glance
while I stood there quietly crapping my pants.
We boarded the car, strapped the belt, crashed the bar,
as the pulley grabbed hold of the very first car.
Clack, Clack, Clack, Clack, the Comet did rattle,
we were just half way up, this was purely a battle.
Chuck, Chuck, Chuck, Chuck, she came to a stop,
Perched ever proudly at the very tip-top.

And then it happened. The pulley released.
(This was the part that I liked in the least.)
With her arms in the air, Terry gave out a scream,
which was just louder than mine (if you know what I mean).
It looped and it turned as it made a few passes.
And at the top of the next drop, I lost my glasses.
My mother would kill me, and besides, I can’t see.
And she was having the best time there could be.
I almost lost lunch as I tightened the strap,
and by some crazy miracle, the specs dropped in my lap.
The ride came to an end and Screaming Terry turned meek,
and she leaned up and planted a kiss on my cheek.
But just as it seemed I had made a new friend,
she said, “That was fun, let’s go do it again”.

(C) Walter J. Wojtanik

dVerse Poets Pub – Amuse me! Take me for a ride!


34 thoughts on “THE COMET

  1. oh laughing out loud I am! The machismo of a young boy dared by a young girl. My son didn’t fare as well, having just consumed about three hot dogs and a package of Skittles! 🙂 Loved your take on this….always good to get a laugh! 🙂 Thank you!

  2. Glenn Buttkus

    Classic rhyming poetics, clever, creative and too true. You had me at Comet/vomit. I, for one, turned out to get motion sickness much too easily.

  3. I went on the monster on Coney Island…never again will I get on a roller coaster. This poem captured exactly the machismo of a young boy confronted with those horrifying words…let’s do it again!!!!

  4. therisa

    The things, we will do, for a pretty face. I have ridden, only one roller coaster, Dragon Fire, at Canada’s Wonderland, in Vaughan, Ontario. And that’s one too many, for this acrophobic. Did it, when cousins, from Edmonton, Alberta, came east for a visit, in the 1980’s.

    1. That seems to be the consensus, Paul. The experience and the telling of the tale. Believe me, it was far from funny at the moment. But I laugh myself at the memory of it (still as clear as a bell!)

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