It’s crazy, man!
All the cats and chicks
love the licks of my bad guitar!
These sick riffs are slick
when played to the max!
The facts bear me out.
I swing my axe with clout,
the kids kick up and dance
every chance they get.
They love my groove,
They’re like hip,
we’re like cool.
It’s like wild, man!

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2017


Two adrift in open waters,
sailing as ships in the night,
within each other’s wake,
they chart their course
by the stars above. No shore
can define them, only starlight
and stiff breezes. They seize
the moment to please
to satisfy their sense of adventure.
He sends her a signal,
one heart’s semaphore to say
all his flags can convey.
Turning into the wind, two friends
Find hearts can be beyond the sea.

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2017


We don’t talk much lately.
Our ways have become separate
and it seems every desperate time
brings you to mind, remembering
how you lightened my heart
and I would start felling better.
Even though we are not together,
I thought about you!

Your face is a constant memory,
an etching on my mind, and I find
your smile still placates my soul.
I loses control when it graces me
and it places me near you,
even though we are not together.
My heart is light as a feather.
I thought about you!

I don’t know if my admission
puts you in an awkward position,
but the condition of my heart
will not let me part fully.
You are duly in my sights.
Even though we are not together, I miss you
tonight and every night. You’re out of sight but
I thought about you.

Your eyes have burned you into my being
and I am seeing you in everything I do.
It is true we’ve put more distance
in our distance, but at every chance
you resurrect in my memory, touching
my heart and my soul and my mind.
It must be some sort of sign…
I thought about you!

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2017