world_war_i-300x168He rides with the cavalry,
a rider astride his steed.
Much in need at times such as these.
He wishes to please his regiment,
for God and for country. No one
sees what goes on inside
his heart and head. Instead
they see a horseman
out for a jaunt on his mount
his lance in tow. They cannot know.
They do not account for
the battle fatigue and the league
of fellow combatants. They do not
know the fear that is inherent here.
No one feels the internal conflict,
they just inflict their jabs
and criticisms. Aimed at him for doing
what others would not dare.
He does not scare easily, but the queasy
knot in his belly turns his knees to jelly.
A war monger he is not, but he’s got a duty.
His horse is as brave as he,
an extension of his resolve, a weapon.
He reckons if lucky, he’ll retire to the peace
of mind he anticipates. His loved one waits
for his return. Both hope that mission
is accomplished. His horse and he.

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2017

Poetic Asides Prompt #385: Ekphrastic Poem – “World War I”


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