"Old Rural Bridge"
“Old Rural Bridge”

The temple has been defaced.
There is no trace of life to be seen.
True, the hills are green and you’ve seen
holograms in the archives.
But you can feel it! It surrounds you.
It confounds you that something
so strong within you can run
so hot and cold, so light and dark!
The stark reality is you are the last
man standing. Commanding your force
of one. No one would have blamed you
for eschewing your ancient weapon
and hokey religion and flying Solo
with a blaster at your side.
But now you hide among the ruins,
stewing over every bad turn you take.
Make no mistake, you are the balance.
Under the valance of doubt and darkness
you hearken back to the farm
where you were just a naïve and charming boy.
Your father should have warned you,
but you would have resisted anyway.
You’ve climbed the stairs to your new station,
to bring order to this planet nation. And the galaxy.
Your new adventure awaits!

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2017

Poetic Asides Prompt #385: Ekphrastic Poem – “Old Rural Bridge”  


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