So I return to work on the first day,
and wonder what within this chaos lurks?
I’m here back to the grind with mindless jerks.
and chaos reigns, there is much hell to pay!
They’ve left a stack of papers here to push,
in this mess of chaos that awaits me.
Coriolis swirl you do sedate me,
I’ve cleared my desk with one chaotic flush!

The peace I find is found within my mind,
the new year’s come, and so I start anew.
And here’s another year yet to explore
so last year’s chaos gladly I’ll eschew.
I hope that no more chaos I will find.
but I’ll prepare as if there will be more!

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2017

QKJ #31 – Re-Vision of Day Three’s Word (Non-Ghazal) into a Sonnet