I hear this music in my head,
a loop of melody rolling around
and around this sound a lyric forms,
the sound deforms to fit my mood
and it is all-good the way I hear it,
sing the song; say what you hear.

The rhythm requires a little fiddle
to help me solve this music riddle,
Don’t let it fool ya, it’s kind of cool, (yeah)
and it can school ya if you let it.
Don’t forget it, just write it down,
this loop of melody keeps rolling around.

The bridge will get you from to here
to the next bar, it’s really not far,
just a skip and a jump and a thumping
bass line. A little face time and a chorus
between us. This song could’ve been us
if we could carry a tune. Or rhyme with June… or soon…

But it’s not broken so don’t fix it,
just take a sample and mix it,
but don’t break no rules, yo(u)
I can glue ya, if I do ya like a melody,
it is all good. The way I hear it,
that’s the spirit, play it by ear!

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2017

QKJ #26 – In The Mood