The walk of life.
A rocky road full 
of potholes and pitfalls
causing stumbles and pratfalls.

The destination is clear.

It can’t be seen from here,
but at the end of that road
lies the end of the road.

Ask yourself: Did I love?

Fully; unconditionally?
There is no price on love,
but its value is infinite.

Yet, we tend to give love away.

That is to say that what we dispatch,
is as much as we receive, and do not believe
the blessings you bestow on others

do not flow back to you.
It is true. Love is the compass 
of every journey. If you value love
and give your love, you’re well on your way.

Love leads to love.
It gives you direction.
Value love!

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2017

QKJ #25 – Value



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