Little girl,
you’ve grown so soon.
You’re moving on to be
all that we’ve hoped you’d be.
A young woman strong and focused
with a direction to take you places.
Your face is showing your determination,
your expectations are met daily.
What you want is at your command,
fully grown and making your stand.
Little girl no more, we have such pride
as you prepare to bride. Your fine young man
augments you and does not prevent you
from being the you we all love.
Above all the worldly tumult
you adult so well. We can tell you’ll
go far. A brilliant star. Our daughter.

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2017

dVerse Poets Pub – Tuesday Poetics: Verbify Me!


19 thoughts on “ADULTING

    1. End of the year. Dec. 29th. She has her venue, church and gown already. She’s moving along! Her fine young man is from Ottawa and he’s everything we’ve hoped for her. Very attentive and supportive of her. It will be a great union. Thanks for asking, Lillian!

  1. I am particularly partial to daughter tributes and this one is stellar! I know how you feel – my daughter got married at the end of last May – and I’m still glowing from it!

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