There it sits.
It’s been there all morning.
It appeared without warning
and hasn’t moved since.
Neither have I, for that matter.

Here I sit.
I’ve been looking at it all morning.
I am intrigued by its shape,
but it hasn’t moved.
Maybe I should check it out?

The phone rings.
Distracted, I move to the kitchen
and answer this infernal wall phone.
(Yes, I still have an infernal wall phone!)
I’ve moved; it hasn’t.

Wait! Did it just move?
Maybe it’s a rodent what entered my domain?
I’d go insane if I start spotting droppings
when it “moves!”
Maybe it’s better left forgotten!

But it would be rotten
if it were a living, breathing, moving
thing. It brings me such angst.
I’m against cruelty to such things,
but if it charges at me, so help me…

I slither over to the couch.
I have a different vantage point,
a bit closer to this monster!
It’s been there all morning.

I say to myself,
“Grow a pair, mon frere!
You’re bigger than that… thing!”
You fling the remote its way,
but it just stays put.

What is it?
It does not react when provoked.
You grab a throw pillow to smother,
no other tact will exact what you intend.
You bend closer.

Closer still, as you will it to move.
You behoove it to motivate. It would be great
if it saved you the trouble. “Please scamper…”
Wait a minute! Looks like a sock fell from the hamper.
Thank God it didn’t move!

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2017

QKJ #17 – Technique