Reverberate in my head as a shout.
Telling me your feelings
full of your love. Proclaim from the rooftops
that love never dies. It goes on
to whisper something
only I would hear in my heart.
Whisper to me. Whisper sweet nothings.
Whisper something.

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2017

 Written for De Jackson’s “Whisper” Quadrille #24 over at dVerse Poets Pub


49 thoughts on “WHISPER SOMETHING

  1. A-HA. Found it. Can you fix your link, to come back to this poem? If you post a new link, I can delete the old one, no problem.

    I love this. Whispers are best, heard with the heart. Indeed.

  2. Good to see you hear Walt. You have been missed. I saw the message from Maria Elena on your Poetic Bloomings website….you and the others are welcome here any time. I like this poem so much.I love the shout that goes to the heart and whispers, where only you can hear. Lovely.

  3. This is an excellent piece — a case in which using the quadrille-word a number of times turned out to be very effective.

    This is my favorite part:

    “love never dies. It goes on
    to whisper something”

  4. It’s true.. my friEnd..
    too much now.. we live
    in a world with whispers
    of Love rarely
    heArd more..
    i suppose
    that’s pART
    oF why i dance
    6666 miles everywhere
    i go for 40 months..
    Love muSt be
    iF oNly
    A Dance oF LiGht..:)

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