Okay. So today we’re writing “A”.
What can you say about “A”?
You cannot hold an “A” at bay,
for “A” will stray when out to play
even on a one-horse sleigh!
And “A” is yellow… neigh, it’s gray,
(if black there would be hell to pay!)
It’s great when “A” is on display,
it’s dominance does hold some sweigh.
And when they sing “Anchors Aweigh”
do they wonder what an “A” would weigh?
So I offer “A” a grand bouquet
with roses, in a floral spray!
I love me an “A” without the foreplay,
from now until St. Swithens Day!
A “B” would surely not outweigh,
the depth and breath of our dear “A”.
And since the Last Days of Pompei,
(I read it in the screenplay)
every day would be nothing without “A”!
Always remember, don’t walk away,
Gomer says “Hey!” and Fonzie says “Ay!”
(and so does Mr. Trudeau, by the way!)

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2017

QKJ #10 – Say it with “A”