It was a beaut of a commute!
Snow falling at a three inch per hour clip.
I’m hip to the weather here and let’s be clear,
I am no wuss when the elements push the limits.
In my lighter than air auto, I ought to have stayed
and not be delayed on my usually 20 minute ride.
But inside my cramped car not moving an inch
in 45 minute intervals with stalls and spin-outs,
crashes and rehashes of storms of old, I am told
the delays will take a millennium. This tedium
is quite annoying. I am toying with the thought
of parking where I sit and hitting the road on foot.
I grab my trusty snow brush instead and head out
to brave the elements and challenge futility!
A utility of insanity, snow filling in faster
and I can brush it away! I get back in and wait!

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2017

My adventure driving home in a lake effect nightmare yesterday!

QKJ #6