We’ll do the same for the thirty-fourth time.
It’s no miracle. We’re at the pinnacle of love.
We’ve gone above and beyond being fond
of one another. You’re a wonderful mother,
an exceptional wife and my life would be
empty without you. So as the season nears,
all our fears and uncertainty will certainly
play second fiddle to the riddle of our life.
So I will give the gift that you’ve opened
every year when Christmas draws near,
and has honored you from then to here.
The present from your past that has lasted
to this present we still share. You’ve never
cared that I re-gift it to you every season.
We no longer wrap it, this gift that
lifts us to newer heights. I keep it here
in my heart, my love for you.
It need not be gaily adorned, it has
been borne (and slightly worn) daily
For the three plus decades we’ve been together.
No bows needed. Not foil paper mired.
No wasted boxes. No tape required.

Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016

Poetic Asides November Chapbook Challenge – Day 25: TAPE


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