Dear Walter,

I sat right down to write this.
I miss your smile. And it has been a while
since we truly shared some quality time.
I’m staying busy. It had been a dizzying summer.
I think it’s a bummer that we disconnected.
I suspect you’ve been dejected,
but I promise we’ll find some time, and soon.
It’s just that I noticed that you are less
active than usual. Your casual attitude
perplexes me, really vexes me.
Was it something you said?
I can understand that a man of words
can get this absurd notion that
he doesn’t matter; that such words go unheard,
sometimes sour like bad curd.
They can be for the birds,
as you so clearly have demonstrated
time and time again!
You can’t please everyone and frankly,
I’m surprised you even care to try.
You’ve removed yourself from
full-contact competitive poetry.
You’ve gone back to basics;
you write for you like back in the day.
So what that others don’t care to hear
what it is you have to say. You’ll always
have a way with words. Use them judiciously.
Suspiciously view the words of others.
Your true readers, those who love yo(u),
will feed on your muse
and choose to peruse you. They will choose
YOU. Let loose. Fuck the rest!
Write when time and life allows.
And always follow your heart. Start by writing
a letter to yourself. Give yourself permission
to place your words above suspicion.
Have a wonderful time. Wish you were here!

Signed, Walter


© Walter J Wojtanik – 2016



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